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Swoop and other "ch...
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Swoop and other "cheap" or if you prefer budget airlines

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Hello everyone. What is your experience with cheap airlines? I have been thinking about Swoop. I used them few times already and recently they seem to be pretty bad. There is tons of delays and cancellations. I know that you can say: You get what you pay for, but the point is that they offer certain service and they should provide it instead of deceiving people. One of my flights was just cancelled. The other one was delayed 6 hours. Is it really fair? I missed my appointments and meetings, as well as I lost time and money. I read about them and Swoop has been getting a lot of bad press lately. I am not sure what the problem is but if you choose Swoop hoping to save some money it can turn out to be more expensive and stressful than choosing regular airlines. They don’t have big enough fleet and they are not able to offer new flights on the same day. I know that all airlines experience cancellations and unexpected delays, but in case of Swoop it seems to be normal and regular thing. Unless there is something I am not aware of.

What is your experience with "cheap" airlines. Which one is the best for you. Please share your experience.

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Hi there,

You are right. I have been using swoop as I live in Abbotsford and it is very convenient for me. I do not know what is going on but they constantly reschedule flights and delay them. It was way better before. Someone told me that they have staffing problems but I have no idea if this is the truth. Anyways it should not be customers problem. In terms of reliability Flair Airlines are better for me. Do you agree? It is the best to use WestJet or Air Canada but fares are quite expensive and if you are on a budget you want to save some $ and you need to swallow a bitter pill using "cheap" airlines.