Frequently Asked Questions

You do not have to register at but to be able to participate ibn the forum (start new topics or post messages) or to post small ads you need a status of registered user. Registration process takes only few moments. Right after the registration process is finished, we will send you an email to the email address indicated during sign up process to verify your identity. Please click the attached link and now you can use all resources of

You should receive the activation link in your inbox right after you successfully registered. However, sometimes such activation email goes to your spam folder depending on your email client setting. This is why please check also your spam folder if there is no activation email in your inbox. In case you still cannot see it, please contact us using contact form.

In case you lost or forgot your password you can set up a new one. In order to do this please click Password Reset tab in main menu and follow the instructions.

We assume that you verified that your user name and password are both correct. In such case please check if your browser accepts cookies. According to the Conditions and Terms of Use of the cookies may be required to access our website. Next, please check you email box or spam box for an email from It is possible that website administrator deactivated or deleted your account for a violation of the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Your image or picture is too big as there are certain limitations regarding image sizes. You need to resize your picture. The best idea is to use one of free online picture resizing services. It is simple process which takes you only couple minutes.

To post in Small Ads section you have to be a registered user. When you login to the website, please click Add Listing tab under Small Ads in main menu and follow the instructions. First you will be asked to choose a category in which you want to post you ad and then you can add all relevant information like description, price or an image. 

You can easily contact a person who posted an add by clicking Reply To Listing button that is located at the particular listing page. Please write your message and then click Send Message button. Your private message was sent to a seller.

To delete and remove your account from our website you need to access user account details by clicking Account link located in our website footer under the User. When you open a page with your account information you can choose Delete option. Please follow the instructions.

Whenever you notice a problem or you receive a spam or abusive message please contact administrator by using contact form under Contact Us tab in the main menu. This is public forum where people have to respect each other and respec the forum rules. Please see our Privacy Policy and Conditions and Terms of Use for discussion forum rules. Links to both these documents can be found in the website footer. In case of any of these rules violation, administrator can take appropriate action including but not limited to any content and any user account removal.

You can find links to both documents in the footer of the website under Site Links section. To use our discussion forum and website, you must agree to abide by our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use.

We are open to work with partners and advertise them through our service. Please contact us using contact form and we will contact you to further discuss details and rules of cooperation.