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Tsawwassen Mills shopping mall experience

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Hello everyone,

I would like to share with what I saw at Tsawwassen Mills shopping mall. I really like this mall and I like to spend my spare time there. However, I was really surprised when I tried to get a coffee at Tim Hortons. Please take a look at the pictures, It is huge turn off for me. What do you think. Is it only me or you also think that this is totally wrong. Of course I did not get a coffee this time but I looked at the place and there were lots of people inside ordering drinks and food. I think that people should boycott such places. I always thought that Tim Hortons is clean and reliable coffee shop. I just changed my mind.

Best everyone.


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I hear you. Some people just do not care. I am with you. It should never look like this. It is unacceptable. The best way is just to talk to a manager, and if this does not work send pictures to Tim's headquarter. I would like to know what they would say to this.

Have a good one.