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Post Pandemic Visions

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Hello Everyone,

I am not sure if I used proper title as the pandemic is not over yet. They still struggle with it in Europe and they say that the next wave is coming. On top of this we have a growing problem with the Monkey Pox. Pandemic has also a great impact on people;s reactions and spending money. People started to buy a lot online and they spent even more than before. Crazy.

I have been wondering what your views for future are. Everyone says about recession in Canada that will come as the result of high inflation. Inflation rate is at 7.7% now which is quite high. I can see this everywhere, even at grocery stores. Bank of Canada tries to do something about it to limit people's high consumption levels. Real Estate market has started to slow down which is good indicator. Interest rates for new and used vehicles are higher. However, I think this will not stop the inflation in short period of time.

Unemployment rate is very low 5.1% which is great as it can drive the economy. It means also that the business owners believe that the consumption will be maintained on fairly high level for some time. It is quite complicated but in long time this can also bump up the inflation. So I am totally confused and I do not know what to think about it.

Some specialist say that we do not have to worry to much as risk of recession in Canada is only 40%. Do you believe them?

I am quite skeptical about the whole situation and I think I will seat low for some time.

What do you think about this and how it all changes and affect your lives?


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I bet most of us ask questions when pandemic will be over and when we get back to normality and what happens next. Maybe you will call me crazy but I think that at some point we can face a virus that will turn people into Zombie. Hopefully this is only hypothesis and science fiction that will never fulfill. However I have some scary thoughts. I am sure after pandemic situation that we as people are completely unprepared to face the debilitating virus. We could not contain Covid and we lost many people across the glove. We should start preparations for our own sake that would help us to have and implement procedures and actions in case pf a new possibly Zombie virus spread. I think that there is one problem with this. We need true visionaries that would take care of this and treat such danger seriously.

The only thing we can do right now is to start working on our cardio and survival skills. Cheers.