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What do you think of idea that Queen Elizabeth funeral could be the national holiday in Canada.

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Hi everyone. What do you think about such idea. I know that both New Zealand and Australia have declared that they will hold one-time-only national holidays to mark this occasion. I bet this all is connected with the cost our economy would have to bear. They estimate that it would be somewhere between $2 billion and $4 billion. It would be nice to have additional day off but I am not sure if this is good path especially when our economy is recovering from post pandemic decline.

What are your thoughts?

Long Live the King. Cheers

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Hello. So they declared that it will not be the statutory holiday but only schools, public post-secondary institutions and many Crown corporations will be closed on Monday September 19. Of course it is all about public sector again. I think it is good for Canadian economy that they do not make it as stat holiday. However, there is another issue. What about parents working in private sector who have to take care about their kids? Anyone cares at all that they have often big problem as they have to secure care for their children on such short notice? I would think that most of Canadians are not affected by passing of Queen Elizabeth II, but the government makes them affected in the other way. No one really cares about average person.

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So we have the mourning day on Monday 19th of September instead of statutory holiday. I think this is good for our Canadian economy but I still feel sorry for people that have to work on Monday and have to leave their kids behind or to find a baby sitter. What can I say? Life. Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II.