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Financing at local stores!!!

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Hello everyone. Do you know what the best of financing options in local stores are? I was informed at BestBuy recently that my old card with BestBuy and Desjardins is not longer anymore. I was surprised as I did not received any information about the cancellation either from BestBuy or Desjardins. I guess they do not care about the customers anymore. Apparently there is new Best Buy Card Financing with Fairstone. I need to apply again to get this new credit card. Do you have similar experience with any other stores? What financing options do you use?



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Hi there,

Same here. I was surprised by BestBuy changing financial partner without customers notification. Another problem with BestBuy is that you cannot finance all product, and only those that are sold by BestBuy. If you find an article that is sold by market seller (they have different names) you cannot do this for some reason. It is ridiculous but this is how they make business nowadays. On top of that they have only few articles at BestBuy stores and lots of empty shelves. This is why it is way better to go straight to their website if you really have to buy something. I am leaning toward London Drugs now as they have lots of stuff in their stores and also provide financing option. Their partner is called FLEXITI. They have decent administration fees and offer 0% financing for up to 15 or 18 months. Give it a try. FLEXITI will give you a card that can be used in many different retail locations and many different stores. I just got approved and I am really happy. If you know any other good financing options please share.