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Strawberry Hill neighbourhood incident with RCMP officer and Punjabi men.

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Hi guys. What do you think about this incident? This is getting out of control in my opinion. Police officers should have more power and cannot be treated this way. Whoever comes to Canada should abide and comply with our laws. It is unacceptable that group of people will try to stop lone officer. Of course now they will call this officer racist and bully but he was very calm and professional. We get more and more similar incidents in BC. We all deserve to feel safe going anywhere in our province. I think they should deport all of them. Id you do not like to live in Canada just go home! Sorry guys I needed to vent it out cause I am so pissed off. Police officers have to be untouchable. Our penal system is too forgiving. We need to change it.

Good day and share your thoughts.


link to video: 


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DEPORTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's make Canada great again!

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Of course some will say that deportation infringe the rights but I disagree. I we won't do something there will be more and more such incidents. No doubt. This is why I truly agree DEPORTATION. Law is the law and everyone should respect it. Some of those guys they have loud sport cars and they do lots of noise and drive dangerously. I think that regular fine is not enough as they have lots of money. On the other hand attacking a police officer is not acceptable. DEPORTATION.