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Cell phone addiction.

We all live in fast paced environment that never stops and modern world which is constantly moving. This all causes that we face every single day new challenges and have to deal very often with such disorders as stress, trauma, depression or anxiety. These are only some factors that can lead to the addictions. We widely accept drug addiction and alcoholism as addictive practices, but our modern and fast changing world has brought us many new things that can easily become the addictions.

List of the most popular addictions contains for example: coffee, tobacco and nicotine, sex, prescription drugs, gambling, internet and modern technologies, video games or even food. As you can see the list is quite long and specifies things that in many people’s opinion cannot lead to addiction. However, recent studies show that more and more people get addicted, without knowing it. It is extremely difficult to recognize first signs of “modern” addictions. Usually, we or our family and friends can recognize it when it becomes a serious problem. When it starts for example affecting different aspects of our life and our overall wellbeing.

This is why it is very important to us to be aware of dangers that come with new trends and technologies.

Recent studies show also that many, especially young people suffer from cell phone addiction. It is recent phenomenon which is also called nomophobia, which can be translated as no-mobile-phone-phobia. It can be both: the obsessive use of a smartphone and the fear of being without a mobile device. There are about 4 billion smartphone users in the world and for many of us a smartphone has become necessity which unfortunately can cause negative consequences, leading to the cell phone addiction.

Am I addicted?

The truth is that chronic use of cell phone may negatively impact and change your life. Researchers have discovered that this type of disorder can lead to: anxiety, stress, concentration issues, loneliness, psychological problems, impaired cognition, sleep deficit or concentration issues. As you can see, it can be a serious problem for many, especially because there is a thin line between healthy and obsessive cell phone use.

So, how can we distinguish if we use a smartphone in a responsible way or it is the cell phone addiction already? Of course, there are many ways that can help us to check if there is anything we should be worried about. First, we should always listen to what our family members and friends say. They are always able to notice disturbing signals even if we cannot. List of such signals can be really long and of course accumulation of such warning signals can be an indicator of a problem and possibly a cell phone addiction.

Here we present some of the symptoms we should keep in mind when thinking about a cell phone addiction:

  1. Loosing track of time when on smartphone
  2. Spending more time texting or emailing instead talking to people in person
  3. More and more time using a cell phone
  4. Having a cell phone turned on in the bedroom
  5. Eating with a smartphone lying at the table
  6. Feeling uncomfortably without a phone (phone left in a car, at home, there is no service or a phone is just broken)
  7. Using a cell phone decreases your productivity
  8. Isolating from loved ones
  9. Feeling angry or irritated when phone use is interrupted
  10. People notice that you spend lots of time using a smartphone

These are only some symptoms that can help you discern an early stage of such disorder and reverse this harmful course, as well as to ensure that future smartphone use is positive and productive.

There are also many online tests and quizzes that will help us to determine if we have an issue with an excessive smartphone use. However, they will only work if we are 100% honest. Remember that complete honesty is the key here. Of course, it would be the best to go and see a therapist and talk to him about your concerns.

To summarize, please do not be afraid as there are various types of treatments for those with a cell phone addiction and there is always hope for the recovery. You just do not want to let a phone to consume and destroy your life.

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